About Your Bill

When is my bill due?

Call for this information because we have eight different billing cycles. A customer service representative will gladly give you this information.

Is there a grace period on my bill?

Yes, (14) fourteen days from the date of the bill.

Do you accept credit cards for bill payment?

Willmut Gas accepts Visa or Master Card for the payment of gas bills only On-Line or by utilizing our convenient Pay by Phone service 1-888-995-1018.  No credit card payments will be taken in our local offices after December 5, 2012.

What if my bill is high?

If your natural gas bill seems abnormally high, please take into account:

  1. The Billing Cycle - - how many days of use does your bill cover?
  2. The temperature during the billing cycle - how cold was it during all of those days?
  3. The temperature at which you set your thermostat.

After considering the above factors and you still feel as if the bill is too high contact the billing department at (601) 544-6001.

Where can I pay my gas bill?

Payment for natural gas bills, merchandise and repair bills are accepted at:


Hattiesburg Office:

315 South Main St.
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Drop Boxes:

Located in the front of Main Office at 315 Main Street.

Magee Office:

515 Third Ave. SE
Magee, MS 39111

Drop Box:

              Located in front of Office at 515 Third Ave. SE

Pearl Office:

2650 Old Brandon Rd., Suite A
Pearl, MS 39208

After-hours depositories are also located at the Hattiesburg, Magee and Pearl Offices.