Why Natural Gas

When considering energy efficiency and fuel choices for your home or business, think about this: not only is natural gas the cleanest fossil fuel, with substantially lower harmful emissions than its counterparts - less energy is wasted in delivering natural gas to your home or business than electricity.

Natural gas delivers 90 % of the energy extracted from the wells to the end users, with only minor losses in processing and transmission. Compare that with electricity, which only delivers 27% of the original energy extracted to your home or business. What’s more – almost 60% of the energy extracted from the ground is wasted as heat, carbon, and other emissions while generating electricity before it ever leaves the power plant!

Compared to Oil and Coal, two common fuels for generating electricity (along with natural gas), natural gas produces up to 40% less CO2, 80% less nitrogen oxide and virtually no sulfur dioxide (both primary components of smog).

Combined with the relative affordability of natural gas, and an abundant domestic supply – the environmental advantages of natural gas make it the natural choice for meeting the energy needs of Hattiesburg, Oak Grove, Rawls Springs, Leeville, Dixie, Sanford, Seminary, Collins, Mount Olive, Magee, Mendenhall, D’Lo, Braxton, Pearl, Flowood, Montery, East Jackson, and Thomasville – and providing a cleaner place to live, work, and relax.