Hurricane Safety

Natural Gas Safety Precautions When a Hurricane Threatens

Since most gas piping is underground, a hurricane is not a threat to your natural gas service in most cases. You should however be familiar with some basic precautions:

If you think you have a leak or smell a gas odor before, during, or after a storm, keep ignition sources away from the gas odor. Ignition sources could include such things as automobiles, cell phones, candles, battery operated equipment, electrical switches, matches, or anything that can create a spark or a flame.

Once beyond the range of the odor call Willmut Gas at the location nearest you or contact an emergency agency such as the fire or police department.

Hattiesburg:     (601) 544-6001
Magee:             (601) 849-3751
Pearl:                (601) 939-3275

If after hours:

Hattiesburg:     (601) 544-6001
Magee:             1-877-945-5427 (1-877-WILLGAS) **toll free
Pearl:                (601) 939-3275

What does the odor smell like? It’s a decaying smell. Some have compared it to the smell of rotting eggs.

Unless you live in a mobile or portable home or trailer, leave your gas service on. Turning the gas service off is not necessary and could result in delays in having your service restored once the storm passes.

If you live in a mobile or portable home, Willmut Gas recommends that you turn your gas off at the meter before the storm arrives.

Please 1-877-945-5427 to notify the company that you have turned off your service. Contact Willmut Gas to have service reestablished once the storm passes.

As soon as storm conditions subside, Willmut Gas representatives will be on the streets surveying the gas pipeline system for leaks or damages.

Willmut Gas may offer additional precautions should low lying areas be threatened with severe storm surge or excessive damage from the storm. Stay tuned to your local TV or radio stations for additional information.